thChrch is a collaborative community of entertainment, creative, education, and business professionals located in El Paso, TX, with partners in San Diego, CA.

At thChrch, we help creatives of all levels, skillsets, and backgrounds elevate the business and entrepreneurial skills behind their work.

Our mission is to create content with our community through educating creatives on the skills necessary to earn a sustainable living as an artist.



thAcademy is a six-week, one-on-one educational intensive course designed to help aspiring creatives build a sustainable business around their work, without having to acquire unnecessary student loan debt.

Created by a group of entertainment, multimedia, and education professionals, thAcademy is hands-on, interactive, highly individualized, and intended to provide all of the necessary tools for creating a business out of creative work




Our overarching purpose is to create original content with our community. Through collaborative partnerships with creators in the community, we are able to tell important stories in a unique way.



How does a filmmaker practice their craft in a quick, effective and cost effective way?

We do so by providing a set of guidelines that ensures a quick turn around with quality work.

It's difficult for a filmmaker to practice their craft quickly. A filmmaker needs a script, a treatment, storyboards, casting, rehearsals, gear, crew, locations and lots of favors from friends and family just to put out a short project.

Dogma18 aims to give experienced filmmakers a place to showcase and sharpen their craft, as well as provide aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to get hands on their own short.

In addition, thAcademy provides an education that is based on the craft of filmmaking, money management, career development and time management, giving filmmakers what other schools don't - practice in craft, business and career development.



Bits & Pieces is a reflection of the community and culture that flow through thChrch. From San Diego to El Paso.

Created by Frank Luna and Real J Wallace
Directed, Designed, & Edited by Frank Luna


Worldwide Wavelengths challenges musicians to step outside of the studio and create original music within an outdoor environment.

Created by Frank Luna
Directed, Designed, & Edited by Frank Luna