Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and hear our story. I hope it’s evident that we truly care about the growth of our community and the artists who shape it. We will develop a strategy that will provide a solid foundation for you to grow upon.

We’ll first start with a discovery meeting so we know exactly where you are in your career, as well as your short and long term goals.




First and foremost, to ensure output and growth, we will be pushing you through our Branding Machine. This will allow us to build upon the foundation we set in place, and mold your career into a solid brand.

This proposal reflects our monthly retainer fee for the first six months. During this time, our primary focus will be to establish your foundation. As you know, building your career and your branding machine is a long-term journey. We are here to work with you, to be your “Unofficial Partners” and sounding board. Think of us as a go-to team of problem solvers and strategists*.

*Please keep in mind that music videos, promo material and other assets are a
separate conversation and budget. That being said, we can facilitate and
produce a wide range of content with whatever budget and resources you have available.


Below are some samples of work we have created with the culture & community of artists in El Paso, TX and San Diego, CA.




In the first six months, the scope of our work will include:
- Regular strategy and project planning meetings (weekly or monthly)
- Assembling budgets for all content creation projects (music videos, photography, etc.)
- Connecting you to the appropriate personnel when needed (videographers, photographers, etc.)
- Development of a style guide for 17th Letter
- Creation of a website
- Conceptualization and planning of a content schedule and marketing plan for all Branding Machine content
- Training your team on digital marketing best practices for executing the content schedule