Artist to Entrepreneur

If you're a freelancing creative, or just wish you could do your own projects full time, we're glad we found you.

Even if you studied your discipline at a university, chances are, you're still not too sure about things like:

  • Personal finance and investing

  • Paying your taxes

  • Marketing in the digital age

  • Building an audience

  • Starting a company or a small business

  • Managing a team

  • Strategic project planning

  • Developing personally-tailored work systems

  • Improving your daily routines to maximize your creative output

  • Solving the world’s problems with your unique skillset

  • How to effectively learn something (one of the most important skills to have)

Artist to Entrepreneur is our solution to eradicate the stigma of the starving artist.

Our goal is to help creatives everywhere to do two things:

  1. Quit their non-creative day job

  2. Start profitable businesses with their creative work

If you want to succeed as a creative in the long term, entrepreneurship is a necessary skillset to have.

Artist to Entrepreneur is the first step towards starting that entrepreneurial journey.









Artist to Entrepreneur was created over the course of five years through community creative spaces, creative consulting insights, and educational experiments at thChrch. For over five years, thChrch has helped creatives to:

  • Develop unique revenue streams out of their creative skillset

  • Start and run profitable businesses around creative work

  • Learn modern digital tools to improve marketing and building an audience

  • Achieve true financial independence

Frank Luna, Founder and Creative Director

Short Frank Bio

Gabe Fernandez, M. Ed., RBT, strategist and Education Director

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Working with thChrch has changed my life.
— Mario Ramirez, Artist to Entrepreneur Student


If you’re still unsure about how to get started with creative entrepreneurship, you can begin with our two free resources:

  1. Artist to Entrepreneur Self-Checkup

  2. The Artist to Entrepreneur Podcast

Free Guide: Artist to Entrepreneur Self-Checkup

Learn about the essentials of successful freelancing with Freelancer Checkup Analysis.

Take your first steps to improve your:

  • Personal Finances

  • Marketing

  • Content Schedule

  • Professional Skills

  • Legal and Professional Needs

Artist to Entrepreneur Podcast

Join the entrepreneurial journey of real creatives learning the Artist to Entrepreneur curriculum.

  • Gain valuable insights right from the course creators and their special guests

  • Listen and learn around your own schedule and on your own time

  • Real-time teaching and learning from creatives who are building their own businesses

  • Submit your own questions for a chance to get them answered

  • Unlimited opportunities to revisit any episode for future reference

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