Artist to Entrepreneur Curriculum Licensing

If your group or organization serves the creative community, then you already know that your biggest challenge is to find funding.

In any organization, the best way to secure funding is to improve the quality of your programming. Having strong programming means a better chance of securing the funding you need.

But how do you actually go about creating that programming? And how do you actually package it for donors? Doesn’t that require curriculum writers and experienced educators?

That’s why we created Artist to Entrepreneur.

Since the start of thChrch, our mission has been to serve the creative community is as many ways as possible. This mission also includes other creative organizations and nonprofits who also serve the creative community.

The way we see it is simple: if programming that's aimed at creatives gets better everywhere, then everyone wins.

With Artist to Entrepreneur, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive educational program. This program is one you can use when applying for grants, attracting new donors and most importantly -- making a meaningful impact.


Educators, nonprofits, and community organizations can license their own customized version Artist to Entrepreneur curriculum for any use. In doing so, you'll work directly with our education director who will help you assemble a unique and impactful program. Whether you're looking plan a series of workshops, create an online program, or design a summer intensive, our education director will help you format a curriculum for any use.

All you need to do to get started is tell us a little bit about you and your project. Our education director will reach out to you personally to explore the many licensing options for Artist to Entrepreneur.

We look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your important mission.

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