Artist to Entrepreneur Research Study


The purpose

The Artist to Entrepreneur annual study is designed to collect data from high school juniors and seniors who want to pursue a background in music, art or film.

The data collected will help in the to crafting of a curriculum that’s tailored for the real needs of real families.



Each year in El Paso, a large number of students graduate from high school with the intention of pursuing a long-term career in music, art or film.

While some of these student will attend a four-year university to pursue these studies, many of these students choose to stay home and not attend college.

Recent studies have shown that even students with fine arts or liberal arts degrees are among the most likely to either work in a career that doesn't require their degree, or experience joblessness for higher than average time periods than their peers.

In order to assist these creative students who will not attend a four-year university, this study will interview high school juniors and seniors who plan on making music, art or film their career. The study will interview families as well in order to determine the needs of these students, their families and the community in general.



Through one-on-one interviews, this study will collect both qualitative and quantitative research relating to the following:

  1. What are your long-term career plans?

  2. What professional areas do you feel most confident about? Least confident about?

  3. What resources have you not been able to find that you need?

  4. In what ways would you like to start working on your career?

  5. Where do you feel stuck in your studies or career?

  6. Do you plan on attending college? Why or why not?

  7. Is your family on free or reduced lunch?

  8. Have you ever had a job before? Do you have any volunteer experience?