Sponsorship / Funding Tiers

Bits & Pieces

1st Tier - $1000

  • A segment will be shot at your business location

  • The name of your business will be mentioned or featured in the bits&pieces episode

2nd Tier - $500

  • Your business location will appear in the background setting for longer than 10 seconds, or;

  • Your business location is mentioned in the script.

3rd Tier - Equal to the value of $50+

  • Your business receives a solo sponsorship credit with logo at the end of the video.

Partnership Sponsors

Quarterly Title Sponsor (12 films) - $10,000

  • Business or organization is featured at the beginning of bits&pieces

  • Business is featured on 12 short films in credits as a title sponsor;

Monthly Sponsor (4 films) - $5,000

  • Business or organization is featured on selected website pages

  • Business is featured on 4 short films in credits as a monthly sponsor;

Bits and Pieces
Part reality, Part fiction and Part sci-fi, Bits and Pieces is an on going series that captures the wide range of artists, musicians, characters, conversations, collaborations and community that contribute to the progress of thChrch.  The series is designed to document our growth, showcase our art, promote individual artists, business and products in a fun, genuine and authentic way.  Your sponsorship will continue the growth and production of Bits & Pieces.  In addition, your business, brand or product will be cleverly integrated into the story of Bits and Pieces.
Episode 1 - Breaking Up, Tinder, and Porn

Episode 2 - The Hustle & The Drive

Episode 3 - What does it all mean?

Pilot Episode - 1.seven

Season One Featured Brands:



  • thChrch

  • FreshlyBaked

  • Righteous Cuts

  • Beatbox Records

  • 9Five

  • @dorktheghost

How to get your brand involved:

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