I am a super human

thChrch family take a hike to the Franklin Mountain Tin Mines and Mario Kooney gives his thoughts on thChrch.

Anavii starts a business

Anavii talks about launching her online clothing shop and the lessons she's learned so far.

For the rest of my life

 thChrch crew continues to build, and Liz Tina and Jean-Luc Thomas stop by thChrch to chat and make some music.

Do you love it?

Anavii, George, Gabe, and Frank put in the manual labor to get thChrch up and running in El Paso, TX.

Make money

Stephanie Carrillo (Actress, Director), talks about her perspective of thChrch and the struggle of not being paid as an artist.

fuck fear

Gabe Fernandez (thChrch Operating Partner), talks about his mother's battle with Huntington's Disease and how it's motivated him to succeed faster and help others to do the same.

It's not my fault

Laura Liliana does a little dance, while Stephanie Carrillo, Tony Romero and Nancy Batres talk Pee and Microsoft Paint.

Daydreaming, conversations, and chess

Lorena dreams, Jonathan ponders, conversations flow and chess is played.