Hidden San Diego: thChrch

The good people at Hidden San Diego have been a constant supporter of thChrch.  Chris Mosher just published a slick piece on the overall purpose of thChrch.  To read the full article, click here. Or, check out plenty of well documented artists, galleries and other San Diego gems by going to the Hidden San Diego

Excerpt Written by Chris Mosher

"Just a stones throw south of Chicano Park, couched amongst a handful of galleries and small businesses, sits The Chrch. It is located in what many are now calling, "The Barrio Arts District". Though as beautiful as Barrio Logan is, it is not without it's troubled past, nor it's difficult present; it is a hub of immigrant families, factories, and people living dangerously below the poverty line. However this only adds to the uniqueness, if not the outright necessity, of a place like The Chrch."

To read the full article by Chris Mosher, click here.

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