thBrth of thChrch

Pursuing our goals can be a long and labor intensive process with no end in sight.  Despite the relentless amount of negativity, failures and self doubt; we have no other choice but to push forward.  It's the journey that defines us, makes us stronger and wiser.  During the journey, there are those special moments that impact your life in the most spectacular and beautiful way.  Our brother, Real J Wallace has recently experienced a milestone in his journey that is inspiring, educational but above all, well deserved.

Delta Innovation Class and Ryan Lewis (of Macklemore and Lewis) selected Real J as part of their mentoring program, which takes place 35,000 feet in the air.  Delta Innovation Class documented Real J's journey at the Grammy's, On board a flight with Ryan Lewis, a visit to San Diego and thChrch.

thChrch, at it's core, is a small family of individuals from different backgrounds and skill sets; who genuinely and selflessly support one another in all aspects of life.  We are proud to have Real J along our side and ecstatic to see his experience with Delta Innovation Class and Ryan Lewis.

Watch and share the video as a reminder to appreciate the journey of growth and progress.

- thchrch


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