Holyfield Academy: Sound and Art Workshop featuring Orko Eloheim

thChrch, as some may or may not know, is the home to many creative outlets that support those who have a genuine interest toward designing a lifestyle that utilizes their talents. The Holyfield Academy aims to not only support local talent but also provide the tools toward building a career.  Orko Eloheim is a true example of "living and breathing" your craft.  From creativity to business, collaborating to self-improvement. Orko shared his experience at the Sound and Art Workshop with local San Diego Artists.

Beyond his talents as a unique and diverse Hip Hop Artists, Orko provided his experience as a tool for us to learn from. No matter our skill level, we are all in a position to study, teach and create. Surrounding ourselves by those who are better than us while guiding those who have similar aspirations will only ignite growth and progress. 

thChrch and Holyfield Academy are always appreciative to those in our community who are willing to share a part of themselves for the greater good. Orko and Beatsmith Resist (who spearheaded this workshop) are solid examples of people who are using their talents and network to provide meaningful connections to their community.

We look forward to bringing more Sound and Art workshops. Stay tuned for future workshops.


Sound and Art Workshop: Creative Poetry Writing, Emcee Workshop featuring [Orko Eloheim]1

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