Dj Inform of Beatbox Records: Why we care

Music Video: Kaus & DJ Inform "How I'm Livin" feat Mr. Ridley

Dj Inform's, aka Bernie of Beatbox Records at thChrch has recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign for the upcoming album; "Welcome to the world of..."

Brother, Musician, and Entrepreneur, ; Dj Inform, has just launched an IndieGoGo campaign (with lyricist Kaus) to finish up their album "Welcome to the world of..."

So, why does thChrch care? Well, for starters, DJ Inform shares the same mindset of sharing, caring and creating meaningful work. Although you may have to take the time to dig, you'll find that our work is rooted within a mindset that goes beyond just "another album", "another track" or "another music video".

The balance of creating and earning a living in the entertainment/creative world is a daily challenge. No matter the ups and downs, we always strive for progress.

Dj Inform is no stranger to the day-to-day grind of building a healthy and self-sustaining career. For that alone, is why Dj Informs vinyl store, Beatbox Records, exists within thChrch.

thChrch exists because of people like Dj Inform and others who will stop at nothing to design a meaningful, healthy, and creative lifestyle.

Please contribute to the indie-go-go project or share the project with others.

Check out their campaign and promo video here


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