thBlog: A New San Diego (Part I)

Welcome to our new blog, powered by the community that surrounds thChrch. 

To introduce ourselves we plan to explore the local creative culture and the individuals, events, and ideas that make it most special. Some of the pieces in our series:

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We'd like to start with the a series on what we call the New San Diego

 credit: @cinemazay (instagram)

credit: @cinemazay (instagram)


From the outside looking in America's Finest City has never been finer. Our unique blend of locals, border culture, vacation getaway, military hub, retirement destination, and college town really makes up the lion's share of Southern California. We're up to 8th largest city in the United States and growing, fast. What's most intriguing is the underlying artist culture finding new ways to compete with all of the noise.

The man. Suits. What San Diego artists have long needed, somewhat unfortunately, was commercial influence. It becomes hard for the best creators to stay local when there is not much opportunity at home. Two heavy hitters largely responsible for this recent boom are the Observatory in North Park that is just large enough to attract the largest hip hop acts (Tory Lanez, Rae Sremmurd, Mac Miller are on the bill in the next month) and a new local hip-hop station powered by iHeart - JAMN 957.

 credit: h.angles (instagram)

credit: h.angles (instagram)

The Observatory is a trusted brand in Southern California, we owe much to their team in Santa Ana. Since purchasing and re-branding the old Galaxy Concert Theatre in 2011, the OC Observatory has been home to some of the most popular and important tours of the last 5 years. 

While JAMN (formerly KISS FM, rhythmic) is still finding its sea legs but is doing a fantastic job of making its presence known in an area that welcomes it. Anchored by seasoned local DJs Beto and Cedes with Hawaii transplant Tati, the station plays counterpart to many of the shows at Observatory and serves as the promotional outlet for the acts that are making the trip south of LA - frequently to close out their tour with an energetic performance and thank you. 





We look forward to diving further in to the young local talents making their presence known in a big way, some of the small communities that are developing our culture, and the other venues, businesses, and individuals responsible for our newfound notoriety. Stay tuned.



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