How does a filmmaker practice their craft in a quick, effective and fast way?

Dogma18 aims to provide filmmakers a way to practice their craft in a good, cheap and fast way.  It's difficult for a filmmaker to practice their craft quickly. A filmmaker needs a script, a treatment, storyboards, casting, rehearsals, gear, crew, locations and lots of favors from friends and family just to put out a short project. The end result: time, energy, money, relationships and other resources are exhausted.  Dogma18 aims to give experienced filmmakers a place to showcase and sharpen their craft, as well as, provide aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to go through the motions of a production.  We do so by providing a set of guidelines that ensures a quick turn around with quality work.





  1. 1-2 Page Script
  2. 1-2 Actors
  3. 1 Camera
  4. 1 Location
  5. 3 Hour Production (set-up, shoot, breakdown)
  6. All participants must get PAID!


The Mission is to provide aspiring and experienced filmmakers the opportunity to practice their craft and showcase their work - while working within a budget

The purpose is to allow room for filmmakers to make mistakes that are healthy and progressive.  In a way, it's building muscle memory. By quickly pushing through the challenges and unpredictable hurdles of making a very short film - filmmakers will soon be able to take on bigger projects.

The Vision is to educate filmmakers on the business side of creativity and to help launch amazing content that is birthed in El Paso.





FILM EDUCATION (good, cheap and fast)

  1. From Concept to Final Film
  2. Visual Story Telling
  3. Sound


  1. How to financially manage projects properly
  2. Principles of personal finance
  3. Project management strategies
  4. Content schedules and marketing strategies




Dogma18 Presents: A Sleepless Tale
A Sleepless Tale is a dark and cerebral take on the experience of self realization.

Written by: Austin Savage

Directed by: James Arribito

Starring: Stephanie Carrillo, Gabe Fernandez

Edited by: Frank Luna

Score and Sound Design by: Frank Luna

Script Supervisor: Filiberto Carrasco

Production Assistants: Art Contreras, Gracie Torres

Produced by THE RIO GRANDE WRITERS' ROOM and thChrch

The Results:

  1. Budget: 1k
  2. Camera: SonyA7s
  3. Script: 3 Pages
  4. Location: Air BnB
  5. Pre-Production: 2 hrs
  6. Production Time: 3 hours (1hr set up, 1hr shoot, 1hr break down)
  7. Post Production: 5 hrs (edit, color grade, score, music mix)


DOGMA18 Presents
Real J Wallace - GOD MOURNS Music Video

Purchase the album Kali, by Real J Wallace GOD MOURNS

Directed & Edited by Frank Luna Shot on the iPhone6s


The Results:

  1. Budget: $30
  2. Camera: Iphone6 with OlloClip Lenses
  3. Script: 1 song
  4. Locations: 1 (Barrio Logan)
  5. Pre-Production: 30 minutes
  6. Production Time: 1hr
  7. Post Production: 2 hrs (edit, color grade)