Music Therapy

Music therapy is an effective practice that ignites the brain to literally come alive. A solid look into the legitimate results of Music Therapy is to watch the documentary film, Alive Inside.  Here is a video clip from Alive Inside of an elderly gentleman "Henry" who awakens by listening to music from his era. We at thChrch seek to progress research and provide music therapy for the San Diego community.  


The Holyfield Music Academy aims to prepare students for a strong foundation in Music.  We provide the tools, the talent and the community that will expose our students to the culture and lifestyle of being a professional musician.  

Below is a gallery of images from our various workshops that has been held at thChrch.  The support from San Diego's music community and Pitbull Audio has been the foundation for each program.


We create an environment where a student is surrounded by a diverse group of individuals who are also students, teachers, artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, directors, developers and above all; people who care to share their knowledge to those who have the determination to grow.

As mentioned, the student will be surrounded by a community that are ambitious and proactive. A student will have access to our success, as well as our failures. Whichever the case may be, he/she will experience the number of obstacles that all artists experience.

Genius stems from Routine. At some point, our students who will see the inner workings of a media production house, he/she will begin to see the value of not only knowing the answers, but know what questions to ask.  

They’ll be a part of the creative, technical and logistical process. Within film, documentary, motion graphics, music, art direction.


Pitbull Audio has been a key partner in providing the gear to keep our programs stock full of modern electronic gear and other equipment.  Not only is the partnership fruitful in gear, but in the overall mission of supporting our creative community with Holyfield Academy and thChrch.