Lalo and Team,

Thank you for taking the time to visit last week. Iā€™m excited to help bring these important festivals to the El Paso and surrounding communities.

Below is a brief outline of the following:

  • The general approach and strategy

  • Overview of platform-specific tactics

  • Suggested ad spend budget for each festival

  • Monthly marketing retainer cost

  • Miscellaneous ideas

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Strategy Overview

Our core strategy will revolve around a uniquely tailored Music Festival Engagement Funnel.

This funnel will work in three phases:


  • PHASE TWO: ENGAGEMENT (Consideration through Desirability)




Reach every potential festival attendee in our area through sharing a relatable festival teaser video.

Target core demographic to get as many video views as possible, so we can re-target our growing audience with with new content, via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.


(Consideration through Desirability)

Schedule new video content that will give new details about the festival to pique further interest.

During this phase, we will:

  • Announce the festival lineup with a festival poster

  • Share artist performance videos

  • Drive traffic through artists sharing their own content about their festival attendance

Using audience re-targeting, we can focus on deepening interest and desirability. Using lookalike audiences, we will expand our audience to adjacent but relevant psycho-graphics.



High Engagement + Clear Calls to action

In the final phase, we will focus on getting the highest level of engagement as possible, with clear calls to action for ticket sales.

Some specific tactics can include:

  • Ticket giveaways using viral giveaway software

  • Automated content schedules

  • Music festival video series (four videos that share unique details about the festival)

  • Highlighting the benefits that festival attendees can expect to receive

  • Community engagement events (scavenger hunts, etc.)


Platform Specific Tactics


  • Specific Audience Targeting. Facebook will enable us to zero-in on our specific audience target. This will be a key in reaching every potential festival attendee.

  • Lookalike Audiences. We can create curated audiences comprised of leads who are similar to our core audience. This will be a key part of reaching every potential festival attendee.

  • Retargeting Tactics. We will use all content that potential attendees engage with to retarget them.


  • Cross-Over Audience Targeting. Using Facebook-built audiences, we will reach potential attendees on a different platform.

  • Relevant Hashtags. We will use unique hashtag sets designed to rank in community-related exploration pages.


  • Content-Specific Targeting. We will target potential attendees by their listening and content interests on YouTube.

  • Re-targeting Tactics. We will re-target potential attendees and deliver continuous video content to them.


Suggested Ad Spend (per Festival)

An ad spend of $7,500+ is recommended per festival. The budget can be distributed across the three phases as follows:

  • Awareness Phase - $2,500

  • Consideration Phase - $2,500

  • Conversion Phase - $2,500


Monthly Marketing Retainer Cost

Activity Breakdown

My work as the digital media strategist will include the following:

  • Receive all festival-related content and copywriting from production team

  • Create, launch, and monitor all paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

  • Provide analytics and ad spend recaps to festival team on a regular basis

  • Find new angles to improve the strategy on an ongoing basis

Total Monthly Price for Services - $1,997/Month


1. Spotify Ad Studio*

Spotify has recently released a self-serve ad platform. This can deepen our strategy by enabling us to:

  • Reach potential attendees based on their specific listening habits

  • Target listeners who are fans of headliners and performers

  • Provide more engaging content to potential attendees based on our target geographic locations

  • *I am scheduling a call with Spotify this week to discuss an overview of potential angles

2. giveaway using viral giveaway software

Using a viral giveaway software, we can:

  • Run Facebook and Instagram ads for giveaways

  • Gather email addresses for future re-targeting

  • Incentivize potential attendees to follow us on Instagram, share the post, like us on Facebook, and share the giveaway via email

3. Festival Hype Vlog

Leading up to the festival, a vlog could deepen our strategy by:

  • Highlighting all of the community engagement we have garnered

  • Showing personalized messages from performers to fans

  • Showing "behind the scenes" activity that highlights unique aspects of the festival experience

This kind of vlog would allow us to further deepen our engagement through emotion, story, and aesthetics.

Through an additional proposal and cost, my company thChrch can assist with the conceptualization of this vlog. Below are some previous examples of original content produced by thChrch.

Lalo and Team,

Thank you again for taking the time to review this proposal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time.

All the best,

Gabe Fernandez
(915) 626-4055