thChrch is a collaborative creative community of musicians, artists, filmmakers, and content creators.

Our mission is to bring local communities to life through music, art, and film.

We do this through four main areas of focus:

  1. Community

  2. Curriculum

  3. Content

  4. Culture


The central goal of a collaboration between thChrch and EPIMF would be to create a collaborative creative space in downtown El Paso. Through this central facility, creatives of all backgrounds would be able to come together to collaborate, learn from one another, and immerse themselves in a community of like-minded artists.

Facilities at thChrch can include (but not be limited to):

  • A small music studio for artists to have access to affordable studio time

  • An on-site staff dedicated to educating, mentoring, and assisting community members

  • Rentable workspace for pre- and post-production

  • WiFi

  • Dedicated work spaces/desks

  • On-site resources (printers, books, and rentable gear)

  • Rentable event space


After five years of experiments in workshops, educational initiatives, content creation, and professional work, we've created a unique curriculum called thAcademy: Artist to Entrepreneur. 

With our curriculum, we are able to methodically guide creatives towards building a sustainable living around their talents and skills. Through one-on-one learning based around principles in Applied Behavior Analysis, thChrch can provide specific support for any aspiring creative.

For many educational grants, one-time workshops and conventions are rarely sought after. By capturing data ad showing growth over time, more grants and funding opportunities are made available to EPIMF.


By immersing ourselves into the community, we'll be able to help local brands and businesses create original content of their own. In doing so, we'll be positioned to create entrepreneurial opportunities for aspiring creators. By further utilizing the power of modern digital marketing channels, El Paso can brand itself by capturing original content with their own projects.


Through specific content partnerships, we can strategically showcase aspects of El Paso that make our culture so unique. Any day of the week at thChrch will be an opportunity for unique content creation and showcasing our culture.

Rough Monthly/Annual Cost Breakdown (Physical Space)

  • Monthly Lease - $1,750
  • Monthly Utilities - $750
  • Monthly Maintenance - $500
  • Merchandise / Supplies - $1,500



Fundraiser Amount Breakdown - $400,000

  • Music Studio Build-Out - $10,000

  • Annual Full-Time On-Site Staff (2) - $120,000

  • Workspaces for Post-Production - $8,000

  • Media Production Room - $5,000

  • WiFi - $21,600

  • Dedicated Work Desks - $10,000

  • On-Site Resources - $10,000

  • Rentable Event Space - $15,000

  • Coffee, Tea, Beverage

    • Annual Staff (2) - $70,000

    • Annual Sales Product - $18,000

  • Annual Cost of Operations (1 Year) - $54,000


Initial Project Funding, Ongoing Educational Resources

We'll work together to raise the required funding for our respective projects. In addition, for any future grants you apply for, you can tap into thAcademy: Artist to Entrepreneur curriculum for your grant applications.