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Welcome.  This page are a handful of ideas and suggestions we can discuss in the near future.  Our intent is to elevate and grow the show into something we can continue to be proud of.  To grow in a genuine and honest way - we must focus on solid information, culture, characters and community.


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Katherin Biggs is the catalyst for the overall rhythm, set and design of the show.  She is the essence and success of the show. She is energetic for new ideas and has a genuine love for those who are making change in El Paso.  Some themes to consider - Energetic, Honest, Vulnerable, Informative, Bright, Warm and Healthy.

Timeline 2018
Our goal is to have a new set, revised format, branding and overall marketing strategy ready for 2018.  So, we have from now until the end of the year to implement.  Teamwork.

Possible Tagline Ideas
- The El Paso Physician: Medical Guidance From Physicians Who Care
- The El Paso Physician: Speaking Honestly, Sharing Resources

Logo and Color Scheme
As mentioned, finding a color scheme and logo that best fit the themes mentioned above.

Composition Suggestions
To bring the viewer into the conversation - I cropped 3 images as a suggestion toward shooting The El Paso Physician in the future.

Texas Tech Volunteer Students.
Before and after each show, there is an interesting interaction between the Doctors and the Students - special moments that we are not capturing. To bring a younger viewing audience, it'll be wise to incorporate the students as a permanent fixture of the show. As seen in the 3D mock-up, we can have a table behind the couches for the students to take calls.  In addition to the student volunteers,  It'll be great to have one or two students who are Katherin's "personal assistant".  Students will be active during the show in one of the following ways.  Now we have Kathrin, Doctors and aspiring Medical Students that will round out the culture of giving within the medical field.  We will have more avenues to build our community.

 1. Assistant will Google related topics
Assistant relays questions from volunteer taking to the panel
 3. Mentor Minute A student asks a doctor a question of their choice
 4.  Assistant will grab medical models from the set for Doctors to reference.

Building a set that is minimal enough to keep attention on our guests but warm enough to feel like we are
in a real living room.  Therefore, the audience feels welcomed, trusting and open to the ideas presented.

 1. Couches
 2. Coffee Table: Place a 3D El Paso Physician Logo on Table

 3. Side Table: For the TV Screen
 4. Volunteer Table: Sits in the back of the set where students and assistant will hang out.
 5. "Window"

            - Project Pre-recorded shots of El Paso
            - Opportunity to sell ad space to Sponsors
6. Shelves
            - Display medical related models for Doctors to reference
            - Sell space on the shelf for sponsors to display their logo or merch


 1. MetaDeta: Use keywords from each show so The El Paso Physician pops up in searches
 2. Podcast: Each show is launched with an accompanying podcast.  Also, it would be wise to convert all the old shows into mp3 format.  Having a database of all the old shows will attract and build a level of trust with potential sponsors and supporters.

 3. Youth: By incorporating the students as part of the show, they will have a natural inclination to share with their friends and family.  Therefore, attracting a wider and younger audience.  It's key to mention, that the younger generation seeks guidance on medical information.  We should create our content with the younger folk in mind, so they become one of our strongest partners and supporters.
By throwing all the various levels of medicine (
patient, young and old, student and master) into one show will make it more palpable for our general audience to want to watch and/or listen.