Content Marketing and Strategy Overview

At thChrch, our mission is to bring local communities to life through the culture of music, art, and film. We focus on creating world-class original content that's community-driven, with an underlying educational message.

Original Web Series - El Paso Symphony Now

We have studied the marketing of hundreds of successful brands. In the digital age, two key factors are crucially important: consistency and engagement. We have found that the most effective ways to consistently reach broad audiences and increase emotional engagement in a brand is to create a Original Web Series. Through this kind of series, we focus on capturing three main elements:

  1. Emotion

  2. Story

  3. Aesthetics

Emotion. The emotional rollercoasters that rehearsals can be is something that few ever get to experience. Through a weekly web series, members of the El Paso community get a peek into what it's like to be a member of the EPSO. The humorous and uplifting moments that Maestro Rattay inspires will be available for broader audiences to experience.

Story. The planning, effort, and organization that go into the El Paso Symphony Orchestra is a story waiting to be told. Through a regular weekly web series, the community of El Paso get an inside look at the members, staff, and culture of the El Paso Symphony. They are allowed to connect on a more personal level with musicians, and develop more invested reationships with the EPSO.

Aesthetics. Maintaining and uplifting the El Paso Symphony brand is of upmost importance. We'll use our 30+ years of experience in media production to create world-class content.

This content is published weekly in a 2-3 minute video on YouTube and Facebook. Each episode additionally provides 1-2 30-second clips and 7-14 photos that are effective for other marketing platforms. 

To create an episode, the 1-2 members of the thChrch production team will visit a rehearsal and capture content throughout. Multiple angles will be utilized. Individual interviews with members of the orchestra will additionally be included. The main goal would be to capture the culture of the symphony and showcase it in a relatable manner. 

Digital Marketing Strategy - Content Schedule, Ad Spending, Targeted Audiences, and One-on-One Instruction

While having great, consistent content is often enough of a hurdle to overcome, ensuring that the right audiences online are consuming that content is equally important.

Each piece of content that we produce will be attached to a specifically tailored content schedule.

A content schedule takes the guesswork out of social media, and ensures that content is being consistently posted at ideal times throughout the day and week. Additionally, ad spending can be used to specifically reach targeted audiences on social media. We utilized analytics and comprehensive social media research to determine the best weekly/monthly schedule to adhere to. 

We'll ensure that you get the most out of what's possible with digital marketing.

El Paso Symphony Spotify Playlist

Curated by the programs performed throughout the year, the El Paso Symphony can have their own Spotify playlist to showcase the works performed in upcoming concerts, and to share member favorites. 

The playlist doubles as an additional marketing route, providing extra layers of context on social media posts.