thChrch operates on 5,000 square feet of space that is available for video/photography shoots and events.

Hourly Space Rental Model

thChrch has the following rooms, all available for use and included in the hourly rental fee:

Main-Room gallery space

Our main-room gallery space is a 3,500 square foot long-area designated for film and music video shoots, photo shoots, meeting space, presentation space, and event space.


Our l-shaped bar is designated for pop-up consignment for coffee, tea, and beverage service area.

Modular performance / Work Space

Our modular performance / work space is a 1,700 square foot room designated for live musical performances, study-area, work area, workshop space, and presentation space.

Gallery space

Our 15 x 12 foot gallery space is designated for rotating galleries for artists to showcase and sell their work.

thChrch Hourly Rental Fee: $75/hour