Below is an outline of the budget necessary for the previously discussed Facebook ad video. As discussed, this video is intended to showcase the facilities, the caliber of clientele, and the quality of service that The Float Spa provides.

The video will show the before and after of a float - with a genuine and honest testimonial. 



This video will be used to create a targeted budget to promote the $150/month (4 floats - 4 saunas) package. 



The video and all unused footage from the shoot will be made available to The Float Spa via Google Drive.


Budget: The budget reflects 4 different set-ups within the Float Spa Location (front desk, ext. float, int. float, meditation room).  Each set up will take about 30 minutes to an Hour. Average 3-5hr

  • Pre-Production
    • Director: $250
    • Producer: $250
    • Camera Operator: $600
    • Gear Truck (Lighting and Gaffer) $550
    • Gaffer: $200
    • Sound: $150
  • Post-Production
    • Video Editing: $250
    • Color Correction and Motion Graphics: $250
    • Screen Grabs: Free Of Charge
  • Total Cost - $2,500


Option 1

  • $300 due prior to date of shoot
  • $300 due within 5 days following delivery of video

Option 2

  • $600 due on or before date of shoot

Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal.

Should you have any questions, please contact our producer Gabe Fernandez at: or by phone at (915) 626-4055.

We look forward to working together on this important project. 

- thChrch Team