Holyfield Records

Holyfield Records is a pro-artist record label that educates artists about the business and financial side of making music.

We help artists succeed independently by helping them create their own digital infrastructure for sharing their work with the world.

At Holyfield Records, our mission is to help as many artists succeed as possible.


In order to help artists get the most out of their releases, we ensure that artists obtain the correct licenses and rights to their music. In addition, we help artists collect the royalties that they are owed for their music. 

Digital marketing infrastructure

We help artists understand relevant social media platforms to drive audience engagement, cultivate a following, build an email list, and create opportunities for sponsorships, partnerships, and opportunities.

Financial strategy

In order for artists to create a business around their work, a great deal of time and energy needs to be put in to developing a financial plan. Our goal for artists at Holyfield Records is complete financial independence. 

We need more people like you who help create a path for independent artists to follow.
— liz tina