Ill Poetic

Hip Hop Artist, Producer, Song Writer, Graphic Designer

My name is Tim Gmeiner, an Ohio-native that goes by the name ill poetic. I launched my career as a hip-hop producer & emcee in my local scene of Cincinnati, OH in the mid 2000's. I initially built my name battling at a famous local festival named Scribble Jam. I was mostly recognized for my national debut "The World is Ours", released in 2007 and it's lead single "The Beautiful". From there I went on to release a series of mash-up and collaborative projects designed to push outside the typical boundaries of hip-hop. These experimental projects brought me some national acclaim (including co-signs from Portishead,, RollingStone & VIBE Magazine), international tours, as well as the chance to produce and collaborate with indie artists such as Slum Village, Illogic, Aesop Rock, Slug (of Atmosphere) & Blitz the Ambassador.

I spent the next few years taking on more ambitious projects, including the sound-design and co-scoring an award-winning independent film. After this string of releases and touring, I focused on rebuilding my approach to production and sound, meticulously building a sonic template filled with live Ohio Funk-influenced instrumentation and complex arrangements. My live show would change as well, from the typical DJ/Rapper set-up to a diverse 9-piece band built entirely around these new sounds and ideas. Working tirelessly with a fantastic team on the less glamorous business side would allow these ideas to fully realize in the release of my 2012 EP "Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement". I used this record as an opportunity to broaden myself into a full-fledged song-writer, music producer and arranger, as well as visual artist and graphic designer.

With the support of my team, I made the move to San Diego, CA in 2014  to pursue this vision further. As of now, I'm putting the finishing touches on my new album and preparing the launch of my company SoundRzn Graphic & Sound-Design. Additionally, I've also begun work in the San Diego community with ThChrch as well as local record store BeatBox Records in hopes of developing a creative place for other artists to expand their creative palette and business acumen.