Iphone Video Production
We wanted to create a product that'll allow us to best serve small businesses in our community.  The best way we could cut costs was to keep it simple.  Therefore cutting equipment, crew, and long shoot days allows us to produce a video within 15 minutes and deliver a final edit within 24hrs.

These days, Iphones shoot in HD & 4K.   Although anyone can hit "record", not everyone has the education, training and experience in telling a story.  This is where we come in.  Our handful of experienced and skilled filmmakers will produce a quick 30 second commercial spot on your business.   Our filmmakers have years of experience working on a number of projects for big brand names - HBO, PlayboyTV, VICE, Greenpeace, 9Five, Monster Energy Drink, Delta Airlines, Amtrak. To Name a few.

Our filmmakers will put the same love into your video as they would working on a big budget film.  

Great Composition, Solid Lighting, Slick Editing, and Original Music.  We'll capture the community, culture, and experience of your business that'll be authentic and true to your values. 

$475 30 second commercial spot on your business

Instagram Ready
HD Quality

15 Minutes to shoot
24/hr Turnaround (with 1 revision)

Other Ad Ons
Interview: $45 per interview (3 questions)
Animated Logo: $25
Original Music from Local Musicians: $90

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