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contact - 619.453.3548




Welcome to a page I developed to give some insight on some ideas I've narrowed down for my meeting today.  Regardless if I am hired or not, my purpose was to give KCOS something that can be used in the future - or at least be a springboard toward something more defined.



Some ideas for shows

The Lonely Road To Somewhere
A search for the most unique, beautiful and less traveled areas in and around El Paso.

Mining El Paso
Digging for the most weird, cool, and bizzare people in El Paso.

Trip Flix
A series of very short weird videos (10-30 sec).
Reminiscent of MTV's Idiot Box and Liquid Television.

WorldWide Wavelengths (visit to see pilot)
Musicians step outside of their studio and into the community and environment around them.


Branding and set design ideas

High-Q is a significant milestone for a student - therefore - aiming toward a light brown and bright green color scheme would give the feeling of growth.

In addition, the set would have a library vibe. However, just like the color scheme. The set would feel light, bright, healthy.  White and Tan Set Pieces, bright greens as a highlight.

Possible taglines
- High-Q: High School Student Quiz Show
- High-Q: Learning and Winning
- High-Q: El Paso's Coolest Nerds




THE EL PASO PHYSICIAN (30 second spot)

Branding and set design ideas

Katherin Biggs is the catalyst for the overall rhythm, set and design elements.  She is energetic for new ideas and a love for those who are making change in El Paso.  Some themes to consider - Energetic, Honest, Vulnerable, Informative, Bright, Warm and Healthy.

Logo and Color Scheme
As mentioned, finding a color scheme and logo that best fit the themes mentioned above.

Building a set that is minimal enough to keep attention on our guests but warm enough to feel like we are
sitting in a real living room.  Therefore, the audience feels welcomed, trusting and open to the ideas presented.

Composition Suggestions
To bring the viewer into the conversation - I cropped 3 images as a suggestion toward shooting The El Paso Physician in the future.





30 Second spot

The challenge with this spot was finding a solution toward working around the pre-made graphics.  To do so, I had to resize video and implement a new deisgn. Unfortunately image quality was loss due to resizing and pulling the video from the web. However, my goal was to highlight the overall lighthearted feel of Katherin Biggs - while balancing it with the useful information presented by the doctors.

Possible Tagline Ideas
- The El Paso Physician: Medical Guidance From Physicians Who Care
- The El Paso Physician: Speaking Honestly, Sharing Resources



Thanks for the opportunity for a second interview.  I look forward to the possibility of collaborating.

contact - 619.453.3548