Treatment: Full Circle

We see a Younger Lavell (7-12yrs old, with dreads) living the life as an adult. Driving the kids to school, taking wifey out to dinner, chillin' with his crew, working, etc....

Juxtaposed with Older Lavell doing things that a kid would do.  Getting dropped off by parents, chilling with babysitter while parents go out to dinner, playing video games, chillin' with his friends, doing homework, etc...

Toward the end of the video, both younger and older Lavell are on screen together at various locations.

The overall theme is coming back to the younger self.  We try to escape being a kid. As we get older, we find that the only way to live with no fear and to be free to "me", is to live as kid (with a sense of wisdom of course).



Verse 1:
So here I am, and there I go
I love you
I’m just being honest & you outta know
And when times get harder that means it’s time togrow,
don’t mean it’s time to go
And things is really real but really people fake
So when you be 100 they just can’t relate
And when you in the kitchen they just want a plate
Man I kinda lost hope in people they never change
I was just hoping I’d probably see some change
Me I’ve been wild’n since a young age
Me I’m working hard but I’m not slave
And I won’t cave
And I won’t make,
Excuses, excuse me we ain’t on the same page
This musics amusing mutually confusing the youth since a young age
It’s unholy oh you don’t say but I do say Not I don’t play

Pre Hook:
Oh you don’t say but I do say
Going so hard til a nigga due date
You say it’s just fate no my nigga it’s faith
And we bout to make it soon my nigga you just wait.
Hold up

Verse 2:
The more you show love they try to fool us
these niggas do not want me around
But I can’t hate them what we ain’t grown men
We can’t talk and hash it out
All that riff raff I live without
I run my town They run they mouth
I’ll never get too comfortable that’s impossible
You dumb you think I’m leaving now
My energy on point so I Diddy bop yeah
Had a silly thought about a silly thot yeah
Tend to smile a lot and I never stop yeah
Come to the crib I’m always cookin out yeah
Make sure my steak Presidential
My life is influential
They see in me true Potential
Now sit back enjoy that Memento

Pre Hook:
Oh you don’t say but I do say
Going so hard til a nigga due date
You say it’s just fate no my nigga it’s faith
And we bout to make it soon my nigga you just wait.
Hold up

Pacing and Camera Movement

Watch these three scenes from Magnolia.  Pay attention to the rhythmic pacing and floating camera movement.  Static Shots combined with Gliding Camera Movement
For the aesthetic and vibe of this video, we will combine static iconic shots (preferably in one point perspective) with floating camera shots of Younger and Older Lavell
moving through each settingWhich equates to: tension, hypnotic, and rhytmic.

When the camera is in motion, the camera will circle around the subject. Making the subject the anchor point.

For static shots, the subject will move in a circular pattern.

When Younger and Older Lavell are in the same shot, the camera will float.  Both subjects will be in an open space, giving the feeling
of freedom, calmness, and openness. The Circle is Complete


Lost Lavells
Younger Lavell wishing to be older and Older Lavell wishing to be younger.  Because Younger and Older Lavell are wishing to be elsewhere.  Therefore, the color scheme would be de-saturated earth tones.  To balance this dry color palette and foreshadow that there is a brighter world ahead - we will sprinkle in highlights of bright saturated greens, blues and oranges.  For example, one of the Lavells will have really bright socks.  Or someone in the background is wearing a bright orange shirt.  This will also give to the theme that "the answer to your freedom is closer than you think."

Found Lavells
At the climax in the music video, both Lavells come together.  We're outdoors, the skies are clear, the sun is shining, we're in open and vast land.  Life is good.



In summary, the primary theme is to present a sense of coming full circle in life.  The concepts above are suggestions to best showcase this theme.  However, the scale of this production, both logistically and financially might be a bit too
ambitious.  That being said, we can easily brainstorm other cost effective solutions that will still deliver a quality piece of art.

If this is a concept that Lavell, Sean and Company would want to pursue, then we would properly map out a game plan. 
- Defining Team
- Pull resources together
- Find sponsorship or some type of funding
- Match and better define locations and scenarios to lyrics or ideas in the song
- Develop an overall timeline that matches the albums momentum

I hope this treatment showcases our excitement to collaborate or at least gets a conversation going. As always, no pressure or expectations. We roll in whatever way is organic and comfortable for you and your people.

Frank Luna,
Creative Director

thChrch concept for a Lavell Music Video 2018