thChrch was founded by a group of entertainment, media, education, and business professionals with over 40 years of combined experience.

At thChrch, we believe that content is the bedrock of any creative endeavor, business, or organization.

In order to help creatives, businesses, and a organizations better utilize the opportunities available to them on the internet, thChrch has designed a tested four-part content model comprised of:

  1. Authentic branding
  2. Consistent and engaging video content
  3. Digital marketing strategies
  4. Email list and newsletter integration

With our expertise, individuals can rest assured that their goals and vision for their creative projects and businesses will be accurately captured, content will be appropriately distributed through the appropriate marketing channels, and that the core audience or customer base is constantly engaged.

In order to reach all levels of experience, skillsets, and financial boundaries, thChrch offers two carefully crafted models: the Business to Business Model and the Developing Entrepreneur Model.

Business to Business Model

For large business and organizations who are looking to accelerate their content and customer engagement, thChrch team provides the following services as part of the four-part model:

Authentic Branding

  • Logo creation
  • Style guide creation
  • Website creation

Consistent and Engaging Video Content

  • Filming
  • Editing and production

Digital Marketing strategies

  • Weekly release of original video content on YouTube and/or Vimeo
  • Content calendar creation
  • Facebook page management, ads, and targeted post
  • Instagram account management and posts
  • Twitter account management and posts

Email list and newsletter integration

  • Integration of email opt-in for website
  • Creation and distribution of a regularly sent newsletter

Developing Entrepreneur Model

For smaller businesses and developing entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their skills and content, thChrch team provides the following consulting services as part of the four-part model:

Authentic Branding

  • Logo creation
  • Style guide creation consulting
  • Website creation tutorials

consistent and engaging video content

  • Instructional lessons on filming
  • Instructional lessons on editing and production

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

  • Facebook marketing tutorials
  • Instagram marketing tutorials
  • Twitter marketing tutorials
  • Content calendar creation

Email List and Newsletter Integration

  • MailChimp tutorial