Our Language

thChrch’s ever-evolving language toward growth and progress.  I wrote this list the first week we moved into thChrch, August 1st 2014. I realized that I had spent over 7yrs practicing each mindset - which drove my purpose to give.

If we ignore this language, thChrch will lose the very intangible essence that got us to where we are at today. If we do not build upon this, thChrch will plateau and become stale - ultimately turning into a business that may be financially stable but will lack soul, empathy or compassion.

To learn this language, we must practice and use it every day.  Some of it is familiar but, do you practice it daily? Or are you just a fairweather fan of it? Challenge yourself.

  1. Mistakes are the milestones of our growth, fail fast then win big.

  2. DO NOT measure the individual, instead measure the whole of the team and output, measure the numbers and stats - measuring the failures and mistakes of others is selfish, combative and non-productive.  Any mistake is something that the team could have and should have prevented. There is always a healthy solution where all parties can win. Measuring yourself against your partner, wife, brother, or friend will only lead to resentment.

  3. NO complaining, only constructive criticism and solutions that lead to progress. Challenge yourself to not complain for 30 days. Verbally and your inner voice.

  4. NO complaining means to never talk ill of someone or something - those negative phrases we use to describe others is really describing yourself. Use terms that are positive - that reflect who you and we are.

  5. Always be professional, honest, and truthful.  As a team, we can all find a solution to make things better for thChrch as well as the individual.

  6. Always ask yourself, “What is the end game?”

  7. Integrity and Professionalism is in the details.  From contracts to a scratch on the wall to the visuals in our art and the melody in our song.

  8. Our output will always be challenged:

    • Which means, it won’t always feel familiar

    • It will feel uncomfortable...you will be afraid

    • The Haters will rise, don't fight them - instead, embrace them

  9. Always practice good design for it is a strong tool of communication.

  10. Our content is our GOLD. Push your work and the work of your peers-daily.  Challenge yourself to improve upon one thing for each project.

  11. NO Fear.  Move with no Fear but trust in yourself.  If you have the purpose, the empathy, compassion then fear loses its power.  Get out of your way and jump.

  12. Always implement new technology and use it in different ways.  

  13. Be Curious, Experiment

  14. Think bigger than yourself. By doing so, you will elevate.

  15. Be Coachable - don't fight feedback, don't get defensive. We're on the same team.

  16. It’s ok to ask for help

  17. It’s ok to not know everything

  18. It’s ok to say NO when you’re too busy

  19. It’s ok to have an off day

  20. It’s ok to take a day off

  21. If you’re feeling sick or ill, stay home

  22. You’re not alone, turn to each other for help

  23. Always greet people with a smile and open arms

  24. Always introduce yourself to someone you don’t know as if they are a long lost friend. Real J is the master of this.

  25. Don’t beat yourself up.  You’ll fuck up. It’s ok. Beating yourself will only slow you and others down.

  26. Don’t be a thirsty dick (in other words, don’t be desperate. By doing so, you will shut the door to potential opportunity rather than opening it).  Being desperate shows that you are only invested in yourself.

  27. Care so much that you could care less.  

  28. Don’t use your own money for projects. Instead, find partners who see your value. Therefore building together with people who support you, long term relationships.

  29. The playing field is leveled, you’re always in the middle, so ask for help and offer help.

  30. Good habits come from daily rituals that ultimately instills discipline. Rituals!

  31. Jump all into what you love! This is how we reach the moon, literally.

  32. Give, give, give.  You'll be surprised what you'll get in return.

  33. Build together for the long term - to leave the world, culture and community in a better place than when we found it.  Stay afloat now but gather the endurance for you to build something long term, that’ll benefit you, and others. 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 years from now.  By doing so, we will live forever.

Remember, we appreciate what you bring to the table and we look forward to what we can build together. Your success keeps us pushing through all of life’s challenges - collectively, creatively and personally. Your positivity encourages the whole of the team.  Give to the greater good and great things will happen for you and those you love.

With love,

Frank Luna