Thank you for taking the time to meet with us. It was a pleasure learning more about Pallets and how we can help elevate your culture and community.

In the proposal below, you'll find an outline of the services that we believe will elevate your business in a way that is authentic and genuine. We selected these products with the intention of helping you showcase the community and culture of Pallets.

We believe that building communities is one of the most important things that a business can do, and we feel that you have a unique opportunity to do just that. Rest assured that we'll do what we can to customize a package that best fits your needs and budget. 

As discussed, we felt that focusing on a website, implementing strategic Facebook marketing, creating a hero video, and sharing a weekly video would be great places to start.

As an example, we included a sample and summary of thChrch's Bits & Pieces model that has proved to be an effective tool to engage and grow our community.

We look forward to building a long lasting and trusting relationship that spans decades of joint progress and success.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to or

Thank you,

thChrch Family


Facebook marketing Strategy

A multi-purpose strategy to reach a multiple of demographics:

  • We'll install the Facebook Pixel onto your website in order to build a profile of everyone who is visiting. Later on, we'll be able to re-target and market directly to these website visitors, as well as potential customers who also match their digital profile on Facebook.
  • We'll optimize your Facebook page to ensure that you are making use of all of the available tools that Facebook Pages has to offer. 
  • We'll help you understand the analytics of your traffic and plan specific campaigns to help get the right customers to your door.

Monthly Social Media Marketing: $500/month


interactive Website

Your website will highlight the main aspects of your business while clearly communicating your mission, vision, and values:

  • We'll design your website to ensure that customers can view your restaurant menu, see media for recent and upcoming events, as well as view your weekly content.
  • Our fees will include monthly website management, so whatever pages you'd like to add or create, we'll be ready to help.


Initial Website Build: $750

Monthly Website Management (starting 2nd month): $50/month



A summary video covering your mission, vision and purpose:

  • We'll create weekly videos that can be used for Instagram marketing campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns, screen shots for all social media, and your website.
  • We'll make it easy for you to communicate your vision, mission, and values to your customers, while staying true to your brand.

Your Weekly Videos Include:

  • 1 production day per week
  • 2-3 Interviews
  • B-roll Footage
  • Video Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Original music by a local artist

Hero Video Cost: $1250/video



Our Bits&Pieces Template has taken years to refine and remains one of our most effective tools to grow thChrch as a whole.  We feel that this template is something that many businesses, artists and entrepreneurs can benefit from. The best part is that the template itself is not easily recognizable, mainly because the focus of our template is to set up a platform that allows your culture and community shine.  Each video will have recurring and familiar faces

Why This Template Works

Your Facebook Marketing Strategy will be far more effective with weekly video content that can serve more than one purpose. Each video will lend itself to a particular theme that will target a specific demographic, along with pulling stills from each video to push out content on other social media platforms. The best part: Your customers and co-workers will be proud to share an episode that they are featured in. 

The Process

We will spend 1-2 hours a week at your business capturing the day-to-day of your business. With Our Bits&Pieces Template, we find that the most genuine videos are those that have a more journalistic approach. No fancy cameras or lights - just community content that showcases the great people who run your bar and as well as the loyal customers who visit. Next, we will review all footage, conversations, interviews and b-roll to find the best bits for a 1-2 minute weekly episode. 

Each episode includes:

  • Impromptu Interviews
  • B-roll Footage
  • Motion Graphics (logo, text, title cards, intro, outro)
  • Video Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Original Music by local artists

Total: $300 per episode (package deals available)

Thanks for taking the time to read our proposal.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like any further clarification.

- thChrch Family