Princess Superstar (Artist to Entrepreneur Ambassador)

At thChrch Academy, we teach our students how to transition from Artist to Entrepreneur. In a society that is hyper-connected, our opportunity to succeed at art has never been greater. It has never been more accessible to:

  • Niche down and capture 1,000 true fans

  • Create content and release it consistently

  • Build sustainable businesses around our creative work

thChrch Academy is a six-week educational intensive for aspiring creatives. Using Applied Behavior Analysis and 30+ years of experience, we teach what artists struggle with most:

  • Personal Finance and Investing

  • Digital and Strategic Marketing

  • Project Planning and Management

  • Core Business Skills (customer relationships, pricing work, positioning, etc.)

  • World-Class Daily Architecture to Maximize Creativity, Content and Workflow

Our ultimate goal is to spread the #artisttoentrepreneur mindset to as many creatives as possible through consistent content, accessible education, one-on-one learning, and a team of world-class creators. Your expertise and experience are invaluable to aspiring artists. We value the one-on-one experience for its flexibility and capacity to be individualized. As an educational partner with thChrch Academy, our students will get a paid one-hour phone call with you, Princess Superstar. We know that thChrch Academy and Unleash Amazingness will be the perfect educational dynamic for our students.


thChrch (Unleash Amazingness Supporter)

Unleash Amazingness shares the same soul and mission as thChrch Academy, and this is why we feel so strongly about helping to get it to as large of an audience as possible. 

Some potential areas of exploration include:

  • Embedded lead-magnets to build your email list with an auto responder
  • Strategically organized landing page for consulting service
  • Blog posts that can be utilized for SEO and content schedules
  • Website-wide copywriting to highlight the main aspects of your services
  • Interactive media section that showcases your previous experience

Through a Specific Marketing Strategy, we can help you formulate a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure that your program gets to the right audience and makes the biggest impact possible.

Some guiding questions we can expand on:

  • How can we get a big picture view of every marketing opportunity and channel that we have available?
  • How can we translate all of our marketing opportunities into specific, actionable tasks?
  • How will we organize and track our progress?
  • How can a strategically crafted content schedule bringing clients without hard selling?
  • How can we utilize digital marketing funnels and techniques to bring in qualified leads?


Entrepreneur to Artist

As we all know, artists have always faced the stigma of "starving." With Artist to Entrepreneur, our mission is to help as many artists become successful entrepreneurs as possible. With Entrepreneur to Artist, our goal is to teach successful entrepreneurs how being more creative can be just as game-changing.

Companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are notorious for hiring high proportions of creative thinkers and liberal arts majors. Companies like these see the value in balancing out the high number of engineers that make up the company. While engineers make the big idea a reality, it is the creative thinkers who are the ones who decide if that big idea is worth pursuing in the first place.

With Entrepreneur to Artist, we'll partner to create a one day workshop for mid to large sized companies. The learning objectives of the workshop will include:

  • How to align peak energy periods with creative work
  • How to design a lifestyle that is relentlessly proactive
  • How to create daily rhythms to feed the unconscious mind
  • How to internalize themes and not just skills
  • How to frame problems in unique ways

Princess Superstar would be the main face and presenter of the workshop. thChrch Academy will assist with the creation, development, and writing of the curriculum, as well as the overall branding. We will work together to market to our target business demographic, pool our resources, and ensure the highest quality experience and greatest monetary return for all stakeholders.