It's no secret that the world's top companies are harnessing employee creativity. Doing this has less to do with management and everything to do with the individual. Innovation can only occur when individuals are tapping into their deepest creativity. When individuals have set their initial conditions, amazing things can unleash.

Unleash Amazingness is a half-day training with recording artist and producer Princess Superstar (Concetta Kirschner). In Unleash Amazingness, attendees will learn how to effectively harness their own creativity with an emphasis on productivity, output, and following-through.

Inspired by Kirschner's own life experiences, Unleash Amazingness is the creative's guide to maximizing the utility of creativity.


Presentation topics and interactive activities include:

• How to Establish Your Long-Term Vision

• How to Uncover Your Values

• How to Deal with Creative Sabotage

• How to Use Systems Thinking to Re-Frame Your Problems

• How to Take Calculated Risks

• How to Design a Proactive Daily Routine

• How to Push Through Stress and Overwhelm




Who is Princess Superstar?

Princess Superstar (Concetta Kirschner) has two top ten hits in the UK under her belt and is a former producer of Lana Del Rey.
Kirschner is also a comedic actress who has worked with Margaret Cho and has been featured on Inside Amy Schumer
Season 4 on Comedy Central. She's a former creative coach on MTV's hit show Made and has mentored artists all over the world. Kirschner graduated with a BFA from New York University, is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a long-time meditator.




Our goal is to reach the most innovative startups in the world.
Here's our pricing breakdown, tailored specifically for startups:

Full-Day Package Cost - $14,997
Here’s what’s included:

• Content booklets for all attendees

• Half-day instruction for up to 50 employees

• 1-hour group Q&A with Concetta following the workshop

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