thChrch Promotion Packages:

 Social Media•thBlog•Facility Branding

For Events,Media,and Business • Single Posts starting at $25 • Monthly Campaigns starting at $200 

Social Media - facebook/twitter/instagram/youtube

 Instagram - ticket link in bio / image post / story posts 

Instagram - ticket link in bio / image post / story posts 

  Facebook  -ticket links / promo contests 

Facebook -ticket links / promo contests 

 IG/Snap Stories

IG/Snap Stories


We combine tools like hootsuite with constant attention and local insight to create an active voice across our social channels. Each message is adjusted to it's respective platform and we aim to deliver an inclusive and organic message. 

 Partners:  The Spotlite Web Series / Director Benji Huerta / Subject Black Xpression / Facility: thChrch

Partners:  The Spotlite Web Series / Director Benji Huerta / Subject Black Xpression / Facility: thChrch

thBlog - recaps / visuals / editorial 

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We have a team of bloggers interested in nearly every subject. We love to send them along with a member of our visual "shooters" team out to local events and businesses to get the scoop. Additionally, we have our own thChrch Podcast that lives on thBlog. We use it to invite our partners and neighbors into our studio to sit down and share their message via interview. The entire roll out creates a weeks long campaign.

Facility Branding

 We host event flyers and branding materials in thChrch for our audience to see and feel. Facing our neighborhood we have reserved our 5'x7' Logan Ave. window just across from Salud! Tacos in the heart of Barrio Logan for flyers and posters. Additionally m aterials in the facility naturally end up in the content and events created around us every day. *Mural Opportunities Available. 

Sample Monthly Campaign:

  • 4 Full Coverage Posts (Social Media/thBlog/Facility)
  •  12 Story Posts (3xPost)
  •  3 Event Flyers (30 days preceeding event)

Sample Single Post

  • 1 Full Coverage Post (Social Media/thBlog/Facility)
  • 3 IG/Snap Story Posts
  • Event Flyer (30 days preceding event)

Promo Partners

KCR Radio - addtional$100/mo

We have a close partnership with KCR Radio and their premiere host Goz. He's allowed us to pitch promotion space on his show broadcast on terrestrial radio in San Diego via SDSU. Mondays @ 9pm - Music, Interviews, Promo | the Dr. No Show

Aztec Music Group - additional $100 mo.

Aztec Music Group is a student organization at San Diego State that bridges the gap between music and business. Our mission is to provide entertainment, artist development/exposure, performance opportunities, and music industry knowledge to the San Diego State University community.


We have a partnership with them as well and can promote via their networks. - + $50/mo. 

A local urban blog that covers any and everything hip-hop in San Diego. Nate is the man behind the hashtag and we've partnered up to create better content for both platforms. We also promote via his website and social channels.