Sofie and Parents,

The cost for Sofie’s Customized Artist to Entrepreneur Program is for the duration of 6 months. At no extra cost, our consulting, guidance and support is for a lifetime. I’m sure you’re thinking, “What’s the catch?”. Well, there is none.

Sofie’s success is our success. Which confirms our belief that Artists can balance creativity and entrepreneurship. It proves that Artists can contribute to the culture and economics of our community.

It's rare to find parents that support the best possible path for their child. To allow Sofie to follow her instincts is something worth celebrating. We look forward to meeting in person to discuss any concerns or questions you all may have.

Below you will find the following:

  • A summary of our goals and objectives for Sofie

  • A list of potential areas of exploration

  • A month-by-month cost breakdown


1. Artist to Entrepreneur Fundamentals

  1. Establishing a sole proprietorship

  2. Obtaining an EIN number

  3. Purchasing a domain name

  4. Creating a fully functional website and online store:

    • Selling merchandise

    • Fulfilling orders made online

  5. Setting up payment processing services (Stripe, Square, and PayPal)

  6. Client acquisition basics:

    • Creating proposals for client work

    • Creating treatments for pitching new clients

  7. Designing and obtaining business cards

2. Personal Finance and Tax Basics

  1. Opening a checking and savings accounts with a local credit union

  2. Practicing the basics of effective personal finance

  3. Utilizing personal finance software (Zero-Based Budgeting and QuickBooks for Self-Employed)

  4. Keeping track of and paying taxes as a sole proprietor


3. Branding & Marketing

  1. Branding

    • Defining Mission, Vision and Purpose

    • Develop a Style and Standards Guide

    • Content Development

  2. Marketing fundamentals

    • Finding a niche

    • Conducting market research

    • Copywriting formulas

  3. Digital marketing fundamentals

    • Social media best practices

    • Google AdWords and Google Display Ads

    • Facebook Ads

    • Instagram Ads

    • Email list (MailChimp)

  4. Planning, scheduling, and executing a multi-channel content schedule


4. Hands-On Experiences and Network Expansion

  1. Expand Sofie’s network in the El Paso community:

    • Regular visits to local PBS station (KCOS)

    • Professional mentorship by Laura Turon (El Paso area artist and founder of Paradox)

      • Assisting with summer residency program at the El Paso Art Museum

      • Assisting with artistic community projects

      • Learning the basics of grant writing

    • Hands-on professional experiences with Weird Moved West (local production company)

    • Interview with Rebecca Munoz (El Paso Museum and Cultural Affairs Department)

    • Interview with Emily Martin Loya (Executive Director of KCOS)

  2. Obtaining real-life professional creative experiences

  3. Attending professional meetings with clients of thChrch

5. Time Management, Project Management, and Accelerated Learning

  1. Adopting the best practices of time management:

    • Best practices from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”

    • Utilizing productivity software (Todoist)

    • Establishing a weekly workflow (Time-Blocking)

  2. Adopting the best practices of project management

    • Best practices from David Allen’s “Natural Project Planning”

    • Learning to break down projects into phases and steps

    • Utilizing project management software (Trello)

  3. Utilizing accelerated learning strategies

    • Creating objective-based learning goals

    • Creating self-made learning plans

    • Finding and taking online courses for skill development


6. Self-Selected Projects and Ongoing Assistance

  1. Planning and assistance with the execution of projects self-selected by Sofie

  2. Ongoing consulting and assistance after the six-month period

  3. Continual incorporation into projects and productions by thChrch (when appropriate)

Program Cost Breakdown

Month 1 - $497

  • $500 allocated to starting balance in checking account

month 2-6 - $997/month

  • All associated costs for the duration of the program are covered by thChrch LLC


We’d like to thank you for taking the time to review our proposal for Sofie. We’re excited to help her execute this plan together, as a team.

We look forward to meeting, discussing details, and answering any questions you may have.


Frank Luna
Creative Director
Founder of thChrch

Gabe Fernandez, M. Ed., RBT
Creative Consultant
Education Director