thChrch space available for rent.  Always building, creating and collaborating.

This goes beyond the idea of renting some space within a bigger space to do your own thing.  This is building under the roof of thChrch, which is the culture of music and art and the people who make it. 

We are opening our space to those who want to journey with us, side by side, to build business that is created by us, for us and with those we love.  We all want to make the money that will allow us to pay our bills, buy our parents a new home, and give us the freedom to enjoy the world.  Lets do it, together, on our terms. 


thChrch is 1,400 sq ft

  • Office Spaces Available: Starting at $725
  • Storefront Available: Starting at $910
  • Access to the entire Chrch space, and rooftop.
  • Advertising via our and other social media platforms.
  • Advertising via in store HD Flat Screens, Projection and Events.
  • Network, daily, with musicians, artists and like minded entrepreneurs. 
  • Daily foot traffic, morning thru evening.

If interested, please contact and provide the following and we'll schedule a time for you to visit the space and discuss details.

  • Contact Info
  • Type of Business

Direction For The Space

Everything modular. thChrch will forever evolve, therefore furniture and the space needs to be as modular as possible. 

  • Mobile DJ Station, Kiosk and Furniture
  • Earthtones
  • Comfortable, healthy, wealthy and productive

thChrch, the royal we

At the core, thChrch is a reflection of creativity, culture and community.  However, more importantly, we decided to pick ourselves.  We decided to stop waiting around to be picked by the Major Record Labels, High-End Galleries and Production Studios.  Therefore, we decided to become our own Gallery, Record Label and Production Studio.  We invested in ourselves and opened our doors for anyone who wanted to build together, who want to matter and who create for the sake of progress. 

thChrch is more than the artist/musician, but a team of individuals who posses the ability to find alternative and effective answers to business, education and creativity.  Individuals who make emotional connections with each other as well as the community, which results in reliable and trustworthy relationships.

An example: Music Producer, Dayla, expresses is experience with thChrch.

NO ONE is qualified to do something that has never been done before. Only a few are willing to make a jump into the unknown, all for the sake of knowledge, growth and progress.  Very few had the courage to say, "Let's build together, for the longterm, our resources are yours".   It was only a handful of people who took that step together, and today, thChrch continues to grow. 

thChrch is still here because of the team, the culture and the community.  Not the individual.  Now, we are in a new space, with more experience, with more curiosity, with more resources and even less fear.  

However, our next journey will need even more people to plow through the unforeseen obstacles and challenges that are ahead.  Obstacles that will only make us wiser and challenges that'll only make the team stronger.

Check the video below where Real J discusses why BeatBox Records moved into thChrch. Today, BeatBox Records has successfully moved into it's own spot.  A good example of how businesses succeeds along side thChrch.