Space Usage Requirements

  1. I will leave thChrch exactly as I received it.
  2. I understand that the hourly rental rate for renting thChrch is $75/hour with the following payment protocol:
    • First 50% deposit due upon securing date and time (you will be contacted by the events coordinator at thChrch to confirm date and time before paying)
    • Remaining 50% deposit due on or before the day of the event
  3. As a temporary renter, I am only receiving permission for the agreed upon venue space which may be limited to the rental time that has been reserved and paid for. thChrch Management Team may restrict my access to the premises for any reason immediately before and after my rental time has started and expired.

  4. I will not act in a manner that does or is likely to adversely affect the peaceful operation of the premises.

  5. I will not use the premises for illegal purposes or in any manner that could tarnish the reputation of thChrch or their premises.

  6. I will not tamper with, borrow, or remove any property kept on the premises.

  7. I will not cause or permit any hazardous substance to be used, stored, generated, released or disposed of on or in the premises.

  8. I understand that I must maintain my rental area and the common areas of the premises in a neat, clean and in a sanitary condition.

  9. I will be held solely responsible for the agreed upon rental area, including any common areas. I will be held accountable for any injury or damages sustained during the duration of the rental and occupancy on the premises.

  10. I will be held liable for any guest, invitee, or visitor actions on the premises.

  11. Any signs, symbols, or other objects displayed on the premises must be approved by the thChrch Management Team and must be removed immediately following the duration the reservation.