One of the biggest challenges that young, aspiring creatives face is making a living.

thAcademy was designed to help students learn how to start their career as a professional creative right away.

Created and operated by a group of entertainment, multimedia, and education professionals, students of thAcademy learn about:

  • Personal finance and how to achieve financial independence

  • Building an individualized learning plan based around any topic or interest

  • Productivity systems to ensure constant growth towards your goals

  • Project management strategies to manage any major project or entrepreneurial idea

  • The fundamentals to start making money as a creative

  • The best strategies on how to fund projects, market your work, and build an audience of engaged fans

Are you an experienced creative wanting to grow or improve the business behind your work?

With our Private Training for Creatives, our team can help you refine your goals, develop a specific plan of action, and execute strategically.

We have helped experienced creatives to:

  • Take control of their money and become financially independent

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan for their work

  • Refine their personal productivity and production methods

  • Solve specific entrepreneurial problems related to creative work

Our team of experienced consultants will work with you individually to tailor a specific plan for your unique situation.

Being at thChrch has changed my life. This place has become a ground for creativity. You can feel the energy.


At thChrch, our mission is to bring local communities through life to the culture of music, art, and film.

Through programs like thChrch Academy, thChrch is able to provide workshops, classes, and individualized instructional lessons for all members of the El Paso community, regardless of income.

We hope you'll join us in achieving this mission.

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