thAcademy is a six-module, one-on-one educational intensive course designed to help aspiring creatives build a sustainable business around their creative work.

Created by a group of entertainment, multimedia, and education professionals, thAcademy is hands-on, interactive, highly individualized, and intended to provide all of the necessary tools for creating a business out of creative work.


The six modules of thAcademy cover the 12 following areas:

1. Build a Sustainable Career Around Your Creative Work

  • Discover how to create multiple revenue streams out of your creative work and be guided through the initial first steps in starting those revenue streams

  • Learn about how lawyers, certified public accountants, and business managers can and should play a role in your creative work

  • Create your own website for your work and portfolio

3. Create Your Own Learning Plan

  • Create your own learning plan for any area of study you choose

  • Understand how the principles of learning work, and utilize strategies to study and practice more effectively

  • Learn research-based strategies to teach yourself anything


5. Time Management and Professional Productivity

  • Organize your projects, responsibilities, and goals into specific, time-bound tasks

  • Implement personal systems to stay organized and consistent in the completion of your projects

  • Learn to create a comprehensive execution timeline for any large project you choose to take on

  • Create an individualized workflow for all of your projects, goals, and plans



2. Establish Financial Independence

  • Create a personalized zero-based budget based on your unique financial situation

  • Create a personal, long-term investment and retirement strategy

  • Learn your credit score, identify which specific factors are contributing to it, and start to build your credit (even if you have none)


4. Market Your Work and Build Your Audience

  • Create your own comprehensive marketing plan and execution timeline for a product of your own

  • Learn the best strategies of digital marketing, including Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube, Twitter, and email marketing


6. Become Adaptable

  • Learn and adopt strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, and nerves

  • Explore techniques for maximizing creative output and developing personal style/voice

  • Create daily routines to ensure maximum daily productivity and execution

  • Learn effective decision-making strategies

Working with thChrch has changed my life. This place has become a ground for creativity. You can feel the energy.


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At thChrch, our mission is to bring local communities through life to the culture of music, art, and film.

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