Everything we do at thChrch can be best taught by full immersion. Founded by Frank Luna, thHolyfield Academy is thChrch's approach to education. Our community is always collecting more creatives, come and learn from them.

We're obsessed with development.

To become masters of any craft one must first be able to teach it. For artists of all kinds to complete their own growth we find it essential for them to also share their secrets and invest back in to the community.

Weekend Workshops, Every Weekend @ thChrch

11a-5p - $5 

Sundays - Music

Saturdays - Visuals

  • Backdrops - white/black/green

  • Lights




We invite Professionals to help us educate, Students of any kind to learn with us, and the Community large and small to invest in our platform.

Summer 2017 Event Schedule Coming Soon